Dale Larroder

Software Developer at Aphex

Dale Larroder

I am currently a Software Developer at Aphex. I was previously a Jr. Backend Developer at Code and Theory Manila where I mostly used PHP to create back-end APIs for the front-ends to consume. Now I am more focused on JavaScript and the front-end side of things where I am using ReactJS to create beautiful and reusable user interfaces.



  • Started a job as a Software Developer at Aphex
  • Learned how to create cross-platform apps using Flutter and Dart
  • Learned how to integrate CI/CD pipelines using Github Actions
  • Worked at Create as a part time Software Engineer
  • Worked on awesome projects such as Spoken and Topography Health


  • Learned Next.js, Headless UI, Floating UI, and NX Build System
  • Successfully migrated our Multi-Repo app into a Monorepo. I wrote a blog about it here so I won't forget lol
  • Successfully implemented ArcGIS into our awesome app
  • Created my first ever npm package. It's a React component library, my little playground
  • Created this portfolio website and open-sourced it. I didn't expect it to have any stars tbh


  • Learned how to create custom npm packages
  • Learned Storybook and how to create your own component library
  • Contributed in creating the aphex-design component library
  • Learned how to work in a Multi-Repo setup with different packages for design and api which are to be consumed by different apps
  • Learned Jest, Firebase, and Tailwind CSS


  • Started Freelancing during the pandemic
  • Created APIs for the City of Taguig's Tax Payment App
  • Learned payment gateways such as eGHL and Paymaya  
  • Started a job as a Software Engineer at Cell 5
  • Learned ReactJS, TypeScript, Redux, and Ant Design


  • Graduated from Ateneo de Zamboanga University with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology major in Web Development
  • Started a job as a Junior Backend Developer at Code and Theory
  • Learned Git, Scrum, and Five D's of strategic design
  • Learned how to create RESTful and GraphQL APIs using Laravel
  • Learned Drupal CMS


  • Qualified in the 14th Smart Sweep national competition and won the Ericsson Technology for Good Award